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About B & P

Simply repairing skin and lips to speak words of kindness.

Hi, and welcome to Bushel & a Peck! My name is Aimee and I am passionate about helping others and creating things (from baking to painting to singing, I love doing it all).
My journey to clean skincare wasn't a direct path, nor was it something that I expected initially. I lived most of my life blindly accepting what the mass media, Target, beauty gurus (and many more) had displayed, talked about, and marketed to me. I didn't even blink when it came to the ingredients, where they were sourced, whom it was tested on, because that wasn't something that magazines, television, or any one else thought was important to talk about (lesson learned: ALWAYS do your own research).
Because of my Japanese heritage, I mainly had combo-oily skin most of my life until I moved to Central Oregon and started struggling with harsh dry skin (hello high desert).
I was getting frustrated because my lips were constantly dry, cracked, and flaky. I would go to the store to find a remedy but everything I found was full of chemicals and artificial fragrances. They would only mask the problem that I was having, would cause me to become addicted to the lip balm (because it always left me feeling dry) and wouldn't repair my lips.
Therefore, I went on a journey to find out what I could use that would remedy my situation and started to formulate my own lip balms. I started to share my hand-crafted lip balms with friends and family as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. The response I got from them was incredible and they wanted more. I played around with the idea of opening an online store but never thought I could do it. 

The summer of 2016 was an interesting and difficult one with the passing of my husband's grandmother, Virginia (Ginny). One day, I was looking through cards she had sent my husband and I. She had always signed the cards with "Bushels and pecks". It was when I read that, that I knew it was time to start sharing my gifts with the world.

​Thus, Bushel & a Peck was born.