Organic Cotton Facial Wipes


Now made with 100% Organic Cotton!

Introducing our new washable facial wipes! No longer do you need to use a cotton pad or a pre-soaked facial wipe (yay for eco-friendly)! These cuties are sold in packs of 7 and are of limited quantity.

We collaborated with Lindsay from the incredible Central Oregon Textiles to bring you soft, 100% organic cotton cloths that assist you in taking your makeup off (it's awesome with the Kesu Makeup Remover), removing dirt and oil, and can even be used with your Sae Toner.

Washing Instructions: Please make sure you rinse wipes of any excess makeup before loading them into the washer or there will be a higher chance of your makeup bleeding onto other items in the wash. We also recommend washing the wipes in a small mesh laundry bag (like this one here) so that the wipes do not get lost or sucked down into washer tubes. Tumble dry low or hang dry only. Wipes are not pre-washed so some shrinkage can occur.

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