Send a Care Package


Have someone specifically in mind that you want to send a Care Package to? We got you! For $20, the person you send this to will receive a Midi Balm, a Lip Balm, and a handwritten note (and BONUS you get a coupon for a free lip balm with your next purchase)!

Note: This option is for those who want to send someone a Care Package regardless of their occupational industry. If you would like to choose the sponsorship option, which is randomly sent to healthcare or assisted living professionals who has been nominated, please click here.


1. Please make sure that this is the ONLY product in your cart to ensure that the Care Package gets to the person you need it to (unless you want to send them more than what the package entails). 

2. Make sure you put the full name and address of the person you are sending it to in the Shipping Address section. If it's your Billing Information, you will be the one getting the Care Package so please make sure everything is correct.

3. Want us to write them a kind note? Add a note to your order in the Cart section of the website. We will write a note to them via you!

4. Want to keep yourself anonymous? Please write "Anonymous" in the notes section and we will make sure not to mention who sent it!

5. Coupon codes do not apply to Care Packages, please save them for a later purchase!

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